The purpose of Packards International Motor Car Club is the preservation and promotion of all Packard automobiles and all material pertaining to them; to provide a source of, and point of, exchange for information and material related to same; and to provide and promote events, tours, and exhibitions featuring Packard Motor Cars. The club publishes a wealth of literature and information pertaining to almost all years and models of Packards including sales catalogs, owners manuals and shop manuals. As a member of Packards International you will receive our quarterly color magazine Packards International Also, you will be able to join one of our chartered regional clubs located near you. You will also receive invitations to our yearly International Membership Meet and National Tour, access to our projects, literature, and discounted member rate advertising in our publication and on our website. For those of you interested in acquiring a Packard Motor Car—it’s simple: “Ask the man who owns one.” We have a very long list of of Packard owners that would be delighted to help you locate your first Packard.