Packards International Membership

We hope you realize the proud distinction that is yours for possessing an automobile of rare and unequaled heritage. For sixty years Packard reigned
unchallenged as “The Soft Spoken Boss of the Road” the supreme combination of all that is fine in motor cars.

The production of the Packard ended in 1958, but a breed of enthusiasts live on who are dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the Packard automobile. We are an international fraternity of Packard hobbyists and we call ourselves Packards International Motor Car Club.

Membership in Packards International includes:

• PI’s Award Winning full-color magazine (published 4 times per year).

• An Invitation to PI’s Annual Membership Meet, Seminars, Car Shows, etc.

• An Invitation to PI’s Annual National Tour.

• Packards International Project List of Parts & Accessories available for purchase.

• Ability to join any of Packards International Worldwide Regional Clubs.

• Access to information and assistance concerning your Packard Motor Car.




Regional Membership (Yearly Subscription):
Please note regional memberships can only be purchased in addition to a national or existing membership.


1. Click here to download the Membership Form.
2. Fill it out digitally and print it.
3. Mail it to:
Packards International Motor Car Club
302 French Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA